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Snow Removal Hoses

Blue and green snow removal hoses being sold in a store in Minamiuonuma, Niigata, Japan

During the winter in the Minamiuonuma region of Niigata, one can see blue or green hoses spread out around houses, buildings, and parking areas.

In the fall as winter approaches, residents are busy making preparations for the coming snow.

One of the important preparations is to set up the blue or green snow removal hoses around buildings and parking areas. The hoses usually remain there until the end of winter.

These snow removal hoses are placed outside at the end of the fall, remain outside during the winter, and then are stored away during the warmer months.

These hoses are different from regular gardening and household hoses that are used in the summer and stored away during the winter.

Here in snow country, when the gardening hoses are put away in the fall, the snow removal hoses are placed outside.

These characteristic blue or green hoses (消雪ホース、スノーホース) are used to remove snow by melting it with water.

The hoses are rather wide and flat, with small holes placed at regular intervals along the length of the hose (similar to a drip irrigation hose used for gardening).

The hoses are spread out flat on the ground around areas where the snow should be removed. When water goes through the hose, it gently spurts out from the holes and melts the snow.

The hoses are well made to prevent the hoses from becoming brittle and cracking due to long exposure to cold temperatures throughout the winter. The hoses are also heavy duty to withstand repeatedly being driven over by cars when set up around parking areas and driveways.

Below are some pictures of these distinctive blue hoses, a common sight during the winter here in Minamiuonuma.

A short video showing a blue snow removal hose in use can be seen ▷ on YouTube here.

There is more info about snow removal sprinkler systems that are permanently installed installed in streets ▷ in the post linked here.

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