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pile of weeds

As we still do not have a weed whacker or brush cutter, I took to the plot of weeds with an old fashioned handheld sickle. I really am not accustomed to doing this. It was a tenuous task, but 6 wheelbarrows full of weeds later, part of the plot was cleared. And now we have a nice little hill of weeds to compost at the end of the plot.

To be clear, I didn’t pull up the weeds. I chopped them off because I had to do it by hand with a sickle (the method is similar to the way one would harvest rice by hand). I think that it would be better to just pull up the weeds, but there was too much to do by hand. In addition, it is autumn and winter is quickly approaching so chopping off will have to suffice for now. In the spring I hope I can take further action.

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